The venerable old university was converted into a "gymnasium": In this ambience, the Graz sports year celebrated its grand conclusion. And all the guests agreed: the sports year may be over, but "Let's Go Graz" must still go on!

"It was an absolutely successful sports year, Let's Go Graz was enthusiastic, thank you very much for this great initiative!" These words were often heard on Wednesday evening - from the city councilor for sports Kurt Hohensinner, Sports Council Christopher Drexler, Program coordinator Markus Pichler, Sport Year Ambassador Thomas Fruehwirth, but also by many other sports fans who came to the Old University for the grand finale. Once again we looked back together on the past sports year: the Steps App Challenge, the Schloßberg Challenge, the "TischtenniskaiserIn" competition, the many club activities, the major events and lighthouse projects in 2021 and and and. In addition to honors for Graz officials, numerous award ceremonies for participants were also on the program. Anna Theresa Lallitsch and Gregory Waltl moderated the evening in a humorous and professional manner and conveyed what "Let's Go Graz" brought for more than a year: fun and joy in sport and exercise.

Hohensinner and Pichler summed up with satisfaction: "The top priority was always that we raise awareness and the need for exercise and sport. We primarily wanted to motivate the people of Graz to exercise more with low-threshold campaigns. Thanks to our initiative, the activities of the people of Graz have increased significantly in recent months, as a study commissioned by us proves.” The two gentlemen are not the only ones who think that not continuing “Let's Go Graz” is negligent and would be irresponsible. The many guests that evening affirmed several times that the movement initiative should not end. According to the study, almost 90 percent of the population of Graz would like a sequel - so it should be "Let's Go CONTINUE" ...

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