Mission 2021

The “Sports Year for Everyone” thrives on the fact that many sports fans are actively involved. We have therefore launched the “Mission 2021”. We are looking for ambassadors to support, accompany and promote the sporting year in 2021.

Sign up for the “Mission 2021” below, receive the most important information about the sporting year and various goodies on a regular basis - and bear the title “Let's Go! Ambassador". Just like these 21 prominent supporters:

Franco Foda

Nora Schmid

Andrew Gabalier

Jakob jantscher

Conny Huetter

Marco Perchtold

Pia Hierzegger

Thomas pattern

Thomas Fruehwirth

Armin assinger

Thomas Vanek

Caroline Pilhatsch

Ralph Hasenhuttl

Michael Ostrowski

Natalija Cokic

Paul Pizzara

Nico Schmidhofer

Norbert Oberhauser

Marion Mitterhammer

Franz Kueberl

Lena Hoschek

Photo Credits:

Lena Hoschek: © Michael Zahnschirm | Pia Hierzegger: © Inge Prader | Nora Schmid: © Werner Kmetitsch | Dr. Natalija Cokic: © Carolin Bohn | Franz Küberl: © City of Graz / Photo Fischer | Paul Pizzera: © Ulli Rauch | Norbert Oberhauser: © Lisa-Maria Mourning | Marion Mitterhammer: © Hans Günther Bücking | Franco Foda, Armin Assinger, Ralph Hasenhüttl, Thomas Muster, Thomas Vanek, Conny Hütter, Nici Schmidhofer, Michael Ostrowski, Christian Jauk, Thomas Frühwirth, Marco Perchtold, Andreas Gabalier: all © GEPA pictures

These prominent athletes also support our idea 😉

Support us with your support in the sports year!

Become a supporter of the Grazer Sportjahr and send in your picture or video below. It would be nice if you could tell us a little bit about yourself:

What does sport mean to you? What are your favourite kinds of sports? Do you work in a club or what is your favorite club? What was your greatest / most beautiful sporting success? What sporting goals are you pursuing for the next few months?

Let your creativity run free, we are pleased that you are supporting us in making Graz the sportiest city in Austria!

As a small thank you, you will receive a Let's Go shirt, and we will add your email address to our mailing list - so you will receive our most important information first hand.

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