Let's Go Penalty Shootout!

We are looking for the penalty kings of the Graz sports year: Take part and win a training session with a top Styrian trainer for your club!

King football rules in June. The European Championship casts a spell over all sports fans. Of course, we also focus on football in June: We are looking for the penalty kings of the Graz sports year!

  • Who can participate? EVERYONE who thinks they have what it takes for the penalty king or the penalty queen and who want to win a training session with a top Styrian coach for their team! All professional and amateur athletes, all young footballers and everyone who would like to support their club are invited.

  • How to participate? Fill out FORM below in full.

  • When does the big penalty shootout take place? On June 25th in the afternoon (the start will be announced), the penalty kings will be determined in six categories (children I and children II, youth, women, men and fans) at the Styrian Football Association's facility. The procedure is simple: All participants complete one round (one shot). All who score advance to the next round. Anyone who doesn't score is eliminated. Penalties are taken until a winner has been determined in each category.

  • How are the categories divided?

      • Children I (all players born in 2011 and younger - maximum 2 players per team)
      • Children II (all players born between 2008 and 2010 - maximum 2 players per team)
      • Youth (all players born between 2007 and 2005 - maximum 2 players per team)
      • Women (all players born in 2004 and older - maximum 2 players per team)
      • Men (all players born in 2004 and older who play in a club of the StFV, the HFL or in a hobby / regular table team - a maximum of 2 players per team)
      • Fans (all participants who do not play in a team and want to give their winnings to their favorite team - regardless of whether they are father, mother, grandpa, grandma or supporter, the winner can make the training unit available to his / her favorite team)
  • What do the penalty kings win? The winners in the six categories each win a soccer training session for their own club or for their favorite soccer club to which they want to give this unit as a gift. It's about training with prominent Styrian trainers:

    • Christian ilzer (Trainer of SK Sturm Graz)
    • Markus Schop (Trainer of TSV Hartberg)
    • Gernot Plassnegger (Trainer of the GAK 1902)
    • Werner Gregoritsch (U 21 team manager)
    • Johnny Ertl (Ex-England legionnaire and TV expert)
    • Christian Lang (Trainer of SK Sturm Graz Women)
  • What are the conditions of participation? Registration period is from June 08.06.2021th, 21.06.2021 to June 200st, XNUMX. From XNUMX participants there is a preliminary round, all further details will be available shortly.

Christian Ilzer, Markus Schopp, Werner Gregoritsch, Johnny Ertl, and Christian Lang and Gernot Plassnegger (from left / photos: GEPA pictures)

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