Table tennis empress

The "biggest table tennis tournament the city has seen so far"! But it works not the number of wins, rather the number of games. That person who in the period most games against different opponents completed (victories or defeats do not matter), is the "table tennis empress" or the "table tennis emperor".

The tournament runs in July and August. You can play anywhere: at home in your own garden, on the district sports fields, in swimming pools - wherever there is a table tennis table and you can play a match. Here on this page you can register, encounters and results are via the APP Court Culture - Leisure League guided. At the end of the challenge, there is an attractive price for the "table tennis empress" or the "table tennis emperor".

In addition, all players of the table tennis emperor can play table tennis tables in public places. That means, the more games are played, the more table tennis tables there will be in Graz in the future.

The whole thing works as follows: With 1.000 games there is the first table tennis table for the population. The other tables for 5.000, 10.000, 15.000 and 20.000 matches. Graz can thus earn a total of five tables for the public space

The population of Graz also decides where the tables are set up. There will be a possibility to announce places where the need for a new table is greatest. The places for the new table tennis tables will then be selected on the basis of the submissions.

You can find the conditions of participation for the table tennis emperor HERE!

And this is how it works:

Steps 1 to 4 must be done when logging in / registering for the first time. If you have already logged in and registered, you will always continue from step 5:

  • Step 1: Scan the QR code (see above) and you should automatically be taken to the Court Culture app. If you can't scan a QR code, you will this link available for registration.

  • Step 2: As soon as you are in the app, click on “Participate” and sign up e.g. B. via your Facebook or Google account or register with your email and password.

  • Step 3: After you have registered or are in the app, click on the Participate button again and join the league. Now you can adjust your username and if you want, you can also upload a photo. Then click on the green button “Let's Go”.

  • Step 4: Agree to the conditions of participation and you are part of the challenge.

  • Step 5: Open the challenge “Table Tennis Empress”. If you now want to enter a new match, click on the “Start match” button (alternatively: press the green play button to start the match) and then on “Create match”. This step must be performed by one of the two people playing the match.

  • Step 6: The QR code scanner will appear on both mobile phones. A person must now click the “Create match” button to generate a QR code. Now the QR code appears and below an entry code. The other person now scans the QR code with their mobile phone or, as an alternative to the scanning process, enters the membership code.

  • Step 7: Each person enters the result after the match on their mobile phone (won or lost) and assesses the fairness of the opponent. Important: victory or defeat does not matter for the challenge! It's all about playing! 😉

  • Step 8: Click on Done or on Revenge and try your luck again right away.

Something doesn't work during registration or you have another question about the app? Then please write to: [email protected]

My personal game plan

If you don't have the opportunity to register for the competition via the app, that doesn't affect the matter: Then you can still challenge your opponents at the table tennis table by printing out this personal game plan and filling out each match by hand. Simply hand in the completed game plans to the Sports Office or send them to: Sports Office Graz, Stadionplatz 1, 8041 Graz.