We congratulate!

We congratulate Graz! And we congratulate the winners! More than 10.000 table tennis games were carried out from July through the first week of September and entered on the Court Culture app. Thus the population of Graz has “won” 4 table tennis tables. These are now being set up in the Augarten (two) and on the district sports fields Ragnitz and Grünanger.

At that time we were looking for the table tennis emperor. You have played most of the games in the last few weeks and were taken over by StR. Kurt Hohensinner and rewarded us with small table tennis tables for at home: table tennis emperors Philip Lorbeck, Table tennis prince Simon Lanzenberger and table tennis empress Baerbel Unger (not in the picture).

This is what the campaign was about: https://letsgograz.at/tischtenniskaiserin