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Optimized calculation and new features

It was clear from the start that there would be continuous improvements and optimizations in the Challenge during the sporting year 2021. The feedback from the many users has now prompted us to revise some aspects of the challenge and go into more detail. Here is an overview of what will be new from April:

New features in the StepsApp

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Of course you can also win with the StepsApp!

Dear students, dear teachers, dear directors,

Thank you for your numerous participation in our LET'S GO! School challenge. We are pleased that you contributed to the promotion of exercise together with us during the sports year and that you walked so hard with us. You have made your own personal contribution to the Graz Sports Year. All in all, LET'S GO! School challenge around 1.500 participants walked over 250 million steps together. This corresponds to around 150.000 km and a total walking time of 42.857 hours. So we have managed to "bypass" the earth 3,75 times. What a great achievement!

We warmly congratulate the winners of the school challenge, which ended in June 2021: The Digital MS St. Leonhard  walked almost 40 million steps, an unbelievable achievement - congratulations! We will contact you to present you the award.

As a small thank you, we would like to thank all other schools for participating with a certificate:

  1. Place: Digital MS St. Leonhard with 39.417.069 steps
  2. Place: Academic high school with 38.047.924 steps
  3. Place: Ortweinschule with 22.293.413 steps
  4. Place: BG / BRG Seebacher with 20.483.243 steps
  5. Place: Episcopal Seminary - Augustinum with 13.901.460 steps
  6. Place: BGBRG Kirchengasse Graz with 12.876.485 steps
  7. Place: VS Waltendorf parents with 12.787.619 steps
  8. Place: MS Webling with 12.247.931 steps
  9. Place: MMS Ferdinandeum Graz with 12.247.931 steps
  10. Place: BG / BRG Seebacher teacher with 7.169.052 steps
  11. Place: VS Waltendorf teacher with 6.947.029 steps
  12. Place: MS Eisenerz with 6.270.129 steps
  13. Place: VO Salutogenesis KPH with 5.659.624 steps
  14. Place: MS Engelsdorf with 4.300.035 steps
  15. Place: MS Puntigam Graz with 3.962.915 steps
  16. Place: Ursulines with 2.931.482 steps
  17. Place: 3AHIHR Ortweinschule with 1.634.282 steps
  18. Place: Sr. Klara Fietz elementary school with 1.198.669 steps
  19. Place: Sip school in Pfeifferhof with 426.121 steps
We would be delighted if you continued to be sporty as part of the Graz Sports Year - for example with “LET'S GO! Bike2School ”, a campaign for all children and young people as well as school staff from the 5th grade. Here you have the opportunity to record your bike rides with the Bike Citizens app and win great prizes! More information will follow shortly!

Keep on being so active and moving
LET'S GO! & LG, the Sportjahr team

The three most active companies will be honored at the Let's Go Graz closing ceremony in January 2022.

The most active club receives 1000 euros for the club's treasury.

The most active district wins a district sports festival.