Schloßberg Challenge

The Grazer Schloßberg is Landmark, natural spectacle, local recreation area and vantage point at the same time. In a very short time you can get to the top and enjoy the magnificent view of Graz, the old town and the surrounding area. This is how the mountain is often described to guests and tourists.

In 2021 the Schlossberg is much more than that! He should be a "Workout program" for everyone be! It is almost ideal for all sports fans: You can climb the mountain slowly using the steps or at a faster pace. If you want, you can also take the paths from Karmeliterplatz or Wickenburggasse up to the mountain. The only thing that matters is: "Aufi" you should! 🙂

Schloßberg Challenge we want to motivate as many people as possible to climb the Graz Schloßberg on foot. To do this, log into a system on Schloßbergplatz, then walk or run up the steps to the Schloßberglift - there you will receive your personal, digital photo as a reward from the challenge. You can also reach the destination via the paths from Karmeliterplatz or Wickenburggasse. There is a board with a QR code on it (see photos). With this QR code you can also “shoot” your personal photo at the Photopoint. Don't forget: Please remember to keep a safe distance of 2 meters 😉

Anyone can take part, including people with poor mobility or people in wheelchairs who cannot make it all the way, but who can also use the Schloßberglift to earn their photo! At the end of the sports year around 300.000 participants should have walked / run on the Schloßberg - that is, every Graz citizen at least once.

Take part in the Schloßberg Challenge! Photo: GEPA pictures / Active City

Go / run to the Schloßberg several times and win: The one who will email us in the next few months [email protected] the most of the photos from the Schloßberg Challenge sends (one photo counts per day), wins Graz vouchers worth 500 euros. The second and third placed can use Graz vouchers worth 300 euros or 150 euros looking forward. When submitting the photos, please be sure to include your full name and telephone number.

The Schloßberg Challenge and the competition are running up to and including November 30, 2021.

We have already participated! And you?

Enter the 6-digit ticket number here and download your personal photo from the Schloßberg Challenge!
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