In the Graz sports year, the month of June 2021 was all about football. At that time, the "Let's Go Penalty Shootout" campaign was carried out. The prizes were unique, because there were highly attractive prizes for the “Elferkönige” and “Elferkönigin”: a training session with the Styrian star coaches all around Christian ilzer (Storm Graz) Markus Schop, Gernot Plassnegger, U-21 team boss Werner Gregoritsch and Christian Lang (SK Sturm Damen) and Johnny Ertl - look here:

After Ertl completed his training at SC Eibiswald in the fall (Link to report), the legends Gregoritsch, Plassnegger and Schopp were in action in May and June 2022. “Gregerl” coached the U15s from Ries/Kainbach, Plassnegger did the honors with the U14s in Liebenau and Schopp took over the coaching scepter for the U11s from Heiligenkreuz/W. Christian Lang also provided a special moment, he invited "Elferkönigin" Emilia Schwarz to a trial session with the SK Sturm women.

It was an unforgettable experience for everyone involved, especially of course for the young footballers – you don't get that every day.

Incidentally, Sturm coach Christian Ilzer will be training at his home club Puch/Weiz, so chance played a major role that a Puch footballer of all people was able to win this special prize.

Photos: GEPA pictures

To the photos of the training sessions with the coach stars